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New Balance 1260v3 Review

New Balance 1260v3 Black/Blue

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Shoe Type: Stability Plus

Retail Price: $145.00

New Balance 1260v3 Review

Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it can make something really, really good. The New Balance 1260v3 is making as many strides as the runners it caters to.

This installment of the 1260 stability+ series provides exceptional stability for average-sized and larger overpronators, better cushioning than previous versions and a lighter ride than ever before. In fact, at 10.7 ounces for men and 8.8 for women, the 1260v3 is not just lighter than the v2. The men’s v3 is 2.4 ounces lighter than the v1 and women’s v3 is 1.3 ounces lighter.

That’s a game-changing weight reduction – and partly why it was named Best Update (fall 2013) by Runner’s World and 2014 Gear of the Year Award by Outside Magazine. But that’s not the whole story. Somehow the New Balance designers made this shoe lighter with more stability and better cushioning.

Better below
It’s a real feat to maintain outstanding performance when a shoe sheds substantial ounces. The 1260v3 found the right formula, which includes softer cushioning, inventive flexibility, and dependable stability and support.

A cutting-edge midsole makes the shoe quite soft, while a strong post within the foam provides plenty of support to fend off overpronation. An offset heel counter helps that cause, too.

Unlike many stability+ shoes, which cater to heftier runners, the New Balance 1260v3’s flexibility is quite good. Round, side-by-side “pods” cover the soles, providing a natural, easy flex.

Breathe easy, spend a lot
With the New Balance 1260v3’s FantomFit, no-sew upper, runners get a light, breathable ride. It has a busy, sleek look that people will either love or hate.

Lots of people won’t be crazy about the price tag, either. But $145 is the going rate for one of the best, most improved stability+ running shoes on the market.

To learn about the previous version of this shoe, read our review of the New Balance 1260v2.

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