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New Balance 1080v4 Review

New Balance 1080v4 Men's New Balance 1080v4

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Shoe Type: Cushioned/Neutral Plus

Retail Price: $140.00

New Balance 1080v4 Review

It’s quite efficient, quite handsome and quite well-constructed. Simply put, the New Balance 1080v4 is quite good.

With the perfect amount of features ─ not so many that the weight balloons, but not so few that there’s no protection ─ the 1080v4 is an excellent neutral running shoe for high-arched underpronators.

It’s got an asymmetrical heel counter for optimal pronation; the low-to-the-ground N2 cushioning system; a high-tech, lightweight upper; and a great polyurethane shank that keeps the foot footloose and fancy-free. Underneath, runners find a well-proportioned, smartly laid out traction setup.

Love or hate it, the 1080v4 also offers a touch of motion control and stability from the heel unit.

Ventilated, but not light

At 10.2 ounces for men and 7.6 for women, this shoe’s weight didn’t change much from the previous version. It’s not one of the lightest neutral shoes you’ll find, which is fairly apparent from the outset, when you see the hard outsole.

Even if this shoe’s not as light as some others in the neutral arena, the ride certainly feels a bit lighter thanks to the wonderfully breezy mesh in the upper.

Part of this 1080v4’s sleek profile comes from the no-sew uppers. They’re fine, but let’s face it: except for rare circumstances, no-sews look cheap (even when they’re not).

You’ll overpay, but you might be happy

It’s $140 and it’s not a runaway hit, so I guess you could say the New Balance 1080v4 isn’t the best value out there. But it’s certainly quite good as a daily trainer for neutral runners, so if you’re willing to overpay a tad ─ perhaps for the design? ─ you’ll likely be happy with this piece.

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