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Best Rated Running Shoes

By doing our own reviews, and investigating different running shoes sites across the web, we have 3 shoes in each general category of running shoes that we consider our best rated running shoes.

Keep in mind, that a best rated running shoe is only good for you if it fits your foot and your running mechanics. That is why we have 3 separate categories of best rated running shoes. Running shoe manufacturers typically break their shoes up into Neutral/Cushioned, Stability, and Motion Control shoes.

If you are not sure what your foot type and running mechanics are, we have created an article to help you figure it out for yourself: Determine your running mechanics

Best Rated Neutral/Cushioned Running Shoes

1. Brooks Ghost 6

The latest edition in the Brooks Ghost series isn’t actually lighter than the previous version. But the new Ghost 6 FEELS lighter — which is just one of the things that has runners clamoring for it. Of course, popularity isn’t a new concept for the Ghost designers. The Ghost 6 is the fourth consecutive shoe in the series to win the "Editor’s Choice" award from Runner’s World. It’s a tradition based largely on the “Ghost way” of elite cushioning and comfort.

2. Asics GEL-Cumulus 15

Bringing home the Runner's World Editors Choice for Summer 2013 wasn't much of a shock for the Asics GEL-Cumulus 15, it has always been a solid neutral running shoe, but this year it even won it over it's more expensive big brother the Asics GEL-Nimbus 15.

3. Nike Flyknit Lunar1+

In a way, the Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ is all about "more." It’s more light, more comfortable, more snug and more ballyhooed than most other neutral running shoes. If you’re OK with this combination of factors, you likely will be thrilled with this cutting-edge tool for high-arched neutral runners.

Best Rated Stability Running Shoes

1. Asics GEL-Kayano 20

Who needs platinum? For the 20th anniversary of its GEL-Kayano stability running shoe series, ASICS pulled out all the stops, such as brand-new midsole and upper technology.

2. Nike LunarGlide+ 5

Another lightweight, richly cushioned stability shoe. Another well-designed option for distance runners with medium arches. Not much changed from the Nike LunarGlide+ 4 to the LunarGlide+ 5 ̶ but it didn't need to. The previous version of this sleek, attractive shoe was made a ton lighter and more efficient, and the LunarGlide+ 5 upheld most of those popular adjustments. At $110, it's a good ─ albeit not very durable ─ purchase that is capable of meeting the needs of both underpronators and normal pronators. If you're willing to exchange durability for lightweight comfort and sleek design, and if you're on a budget, the Nike LunarGlide+ 5 likely will be a great fit.

3. Asics GT-2000 2

ASICS speaks loudly and proudly about the goal of its GT-2000 2 stability running shoe, for hoofers with average arches and medium pronation. Not with words, though. The company's commitment to dreamy cushioning and top-of-the-line stride performance shine through in every finely tuned feature. For $20 more, the ASICS GT 2000 series provides deeper cushioning and better-quality mesh and overlays than the GT 1000. Both are excellent stability shoes, so it's really a matter of whether you think these minor differences warrant the $120 suggested retail price.

Best Rated Motion Control Running Shoes

1. Asics Gel Evolution 5

The Asics Gel Evolution 5 are the most supportive shoes in the Asics lineup of running shoes and fall into the Motion Control category. This shoe is for runners who excessively overpronate, have low arches, and is also designed to support bigger runners who overpronate and need more support than a regular Stability shoe.

Have heard quite a few positive results from bigger runners about how the Evolution 5's were able to help control overpronation for them, when other shoes couldn't. Also, quite a few runners have reported that insoles and orthotics are able to fit in with no problem, which can be challenging with some running shoes.

2. Brooks Addiction 9

The Brooks Addiction 9 is one of the most pouplar motion control running shoes on the market to help support you low arched, overpronators out there. Even though the shoe has tons of stability and motion control features, you will find that cushioning wasn't sacrificed.

3. Brooks Beast

The Brooks Beast is the typical shoe for heavier runners who overpronate severely. Even if an overpronator, that may not be the right shoe. The Brooks Beast is a big motion control shoe, not really for slight overpronators. Standard/premium stability shoes can work just fine in many cases.

The Brooks Beast shoe has more of the high-end stuff than the Brooks Addiction. For the money, the Addiction is a good shoe, but it doesn't stack up to the Brooks Beast for heavy severe overpronators.

Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, you likely find yourself with a running style characterized by excessive over-pronation. Running shoes designed to work with your running style are categorized as Motion Control shoes. See our price comparison of online running shoe retailers and read our reviews to determine which will be the best running shoe for you.

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Best Stability Running Shoes

Looking for Stability running shoes, you likely find yourself as a runner with a normal arch height, and you typically fall into the category of being an average pronator in your foot stride, which really means that your foot does not roll excessively to the inside. See our price comparison of online running shoe retailers and read our reviews to determine which will be the best stability running shoe for you.

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Best Running Shoes for High Arches

If you have High Arches, you probably also under-pronate with your running stride, which means that your foot rolls slightly to the inside or even to the outside. This means that the shoe type that would best complement your high arches are Neutral running shoes. See our price comparison of online running shoe retailers and read our review to determine which will be the best running shoe for you.

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Newton Running Shoes Teleconference (MP3)

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Nike Free 5.0 running shoes

Nike Free 5.0 V4

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Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 12 running shoes

Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 12

The Nike Zoom Structure Triax+12 is one of Nike’s best-selling running shoes of all time. It is extraordinarily well constructed with no detail spared for the smoothest run possible and maximum enjoyment. It has a great fit with excellent support and cushioning.

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Which manufacturer has the best rated running shoes?

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