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Brooks Glycerin 11 Review

Brooks Glycerin 11 Brilliant Blue

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Shoe Type: Cushioned/Neutral Plus

Retail Price: $150.00

Brooks Glycerin 11 Review

The Brooks Glycerin shoe series for high-arched runners just keeps getting more innovative, more personalized for each user and more expensive. The Glycerin 11 isn’t one of the lightest or most flexible neutral shoes around, but it’s certainly one of the most impressive — especially for heavier runners.

Two features in particular set the Brooks Glycerin 11 apart from its competitors. One is the brand-new, high-tech 3D Fit Print overlay. This upper is printed on, which makes it lighter and more efficient than traditional shoes — with a personalized fit.

Another feature of customization is the DNA midsole, which runs the full length of the foot. This amazing gel becomes more or firm based on each user’s body and underfoot environment.

Flexibility rules
Runners benefit from multifaceted flexibility in the Glycerin 11. An abundantly segmented crash pad works in unison with two sets of flex grooves to ensure natural, smooth foot movement from heel hit to toe spring. The transition is as efficient as it is well-cushioned.

Larger runners welcome
Bigger runners love the Glycerin 11’s balance between too hard and too soft. This shoe has the heft to take a wide variety of runners where they want to go.

But the flip side is that it’s a very heavy shoe, compared to others in the neutral genre. At 11.8 ounces for men and 9.6 for women, it won’t facilitate any land-speed records.

Substance over trend-setting
The Brooks Glycerin 11 behaves as you would want your kids to act: It gets its work done very well, and it doesn’t ever give in to peer pressure. Unlike most neutral shoes on the market today, the Glycerin 11 is heavy and has a huge heel-to-toe drop of 10 millimeters.

Further, it only comes in two colors for each gender.

All things considered, the Brooks Glycerin 11 very well could be worth the high-end $150 price tag for weighty users. For most others, lighter, faster options are available.

To learn about the previous installment in the Brooks Glycerin series, click here for our Brooks Glycerin 10 review.

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