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Brooks Beast running shoes and Brooks Ariel running shoes

Brooks Beast

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Shoe Type: Motion Control Plus

Retail Price: $130.00

Brooks Beast Review

Brooks Beast running shoes and Brooks Ariel running shoes belong to Brooks line of motion control running shoes.

Typical shoe for heavier runners, the Brooks Ariel shoe is the women’s shoe counterpart to the men’s Brooks Beast shoe.
Many of of who weigh that much are often incorrectly put in shoes like the Beast. Even if an overpronator, that may not be the right shoe. The Brooks Beast is a big motion control shoe, not really for slight overpronators. Standard/premium stability shoes can work just fine in many cases.

The Brooks Beast shoe has more of the high-end stuff than the Brooks Addiction. For the money, the Addiction is a good shoe, but it doesn’t stack up to the Brooks Beast for heavy severe overpronators.

The Brooks Beast’s advantages are:

MoGo midsole vs. S-257 – More energy return, cushioning, and durability than the Addiction.

Plastic midfoot shank – Provides more support. One of the reasons that the Addiction is not as controlling.

e-1 and e-2 – Provides more cushioning.

MC-Pod configuration – Allows more flexibility for more natural foot motion, while still providing support.

Larger medial post – More pronation control

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