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Brooks Ariel 12 Review

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Shoe Type: Motion Control Plus

Retail Price: $140.00

Brooks Ariel 12 Review

Heavier female runners, rejoice. The Brooks Ariel 12 is a veritable fortress for the foot – a strong network of deep cushioning, flexibility factors and excellent pronation protection.

Runners with flat feet enjoy exceptional comfort in this shoe, which is designed for women only. The 12th version in this line is 12.3 ounces ─ the same weight as the previous one. The Ariel 12 is fairly light for a motion-control shoe, but all the most important features are in place.

Most importantly for overpronators, the Ariel 12’s midfoot structure receives good reports, as many runners are happy with the shoe’s ability to keep their feet straight and true.

A full-length layer of adaptable cushioning gel was designed to change its firmness in response to each individual’s weight, pace, biomechanics and running environment. Another feature that provides customization is the Flextra rubber found in the forefoot.

With all that support and all that cushioning, the excellent flexibility of the Brooks Ariel 12 is a big benefit. Effective, well-placed grooves ensure plenty of movement in all the right places.

Worth $140?

This motion-control-plus shoe accomplishes what most runners want out of a high-mileage pavement pounder, along with a little more. For instance, multiple components of the Ariel 12 were designed with the environment’s well-being in mind.

Some wearers aren’t crazy about the shoe’s durability, but overall, positivity outweighs negativity regarding the Ariel 12. Even at $140, it’s a pretty safe buy.

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