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Brooks Addiction 11 Review

Brooks Addiction 11 Black/Anthracite

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Shoe Type: Motion Control

Retail Price: $120.00

Brooks Addiction 11 Review

Big, sturdy and comfortable. It may sound more like a Buick than a running shoe, but the Brooks Addiction 11 is just what a runner with low arches needs to minimize overpronation and maximize his or her performance.

At 13.5 ounces for men and 11.9 for women, the Addiction 11, a motion-control shoe, is quite conventional in its approach: plenty of heft and support in all the right places. It’s quite conventional, but also quite good at this primary role.

In very similar fashion to the Addiction 10, the Brooks Addiction 11 keeps the foot stable and the stride efficient with features such as the diagonal rollbar and Caterpillar Crash Pad. Also, thick overlays do their job to the utmost; they hold the foot with ample strength.

Comfortable bulk
The midsole of the Brooks Addiction 11 is both soft and environment-friendly, and the cushioning is filled with DNA gel from one end of the foot to the other. The latter is unique because the gel becomes more or less firm depending on each runner’s body makeup and performance. It’s an excellent bit of customization not often matched in other running shoes.

A luxurious sockliner and deluxe, durable mesh add to the shoe’s cozy feel.

Excellent value
The Brooks Addiction 11 has a suggested retail price of $120, and it’s a good value considering the shoe’s excellence in pronation control. It’s durable and soft, too. It’s an exceptional shoe that will hold up from roadway to roadway, day after day.

Don’t forget our review of this shoe’s predecessor, the Brooks Addiction 10.

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