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Brooks Addiction 10 Review

Brooks Addiction 10 Black/Anthracite

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Shoe Type: Motion Control

Retail Price: $110.00

Brooks Addiction 10 Review

If you’ve got flat feet that tend to roll inward, your motion control running shoe HAS to have strong protection against overpronation. You can lock that need down with the Brooks Addiction 10, plus get the comfort that everyone really wants.

Brooks’ well-known rollbar keeps pronation at the optimal level and promotes excellent stride efficiency. The latter also is aided by the caterpillar crash pad.

Functionality is all well and good, but no one cares about such things in the absence of comfort. When the cushioning isn’t sufficient, the overall ride isn’t sufficient – period. That’s why runners love the two comfort layers provided by the Brooks Addiction 10: DNA cushioning, which somehow becomes firmer as foot pressure increases, and BioMoGo, an environmentally friendly, full-length midsole material.

Substance, no style
The Brooks Addiction 10 is popular DESPITE its looks, certainly not because of it. The colors are boring and muted. The lines aren’t sleek. Even the sole elicits a yawn.

But with ample breathability and a good-fitting upper – and with a .4-ounce weight reduction, 12.4 for men and 10.2 for women – the Brooks Addiction 10 has enough pros to make the cons seem pretty minor.

And don’t forget this shoe’s pronation control, about which almost every user praises.

At $110, the Brooks Addiction 10 costs $10 more than the Addiction 9. But considering the high-level performance of this shoe, flat-footed runners shouldn’t necessarily bat an eye at the receipt.

You can learn about the Brooks Addiction 9 here.

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