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Best Running Shoes for High Arches

If you have High Arches, you probably also under-pronate with your running stride, which means that your foot rolls slightly to the inside or even to the outside. This means that the shoe type that would best complement your high arches are Neutral running shoes. The best running shoes for high arches are really going to be the best Neutral running shoes. Notice that having high arches is not BAD, it just causes different stresses to your leg muscles and different impact points on the shoe when compared to other types of runners.

How are the Best Running Shoes for High Arches designed?

The design of the best running shoes for high arches concentrates on placing cushioning along the outside of the running shoe to help counter any outward roll of your foot that you may have due to under-pronation that is typical with high arches. These neutral running shoes also focuses a lot of cushioning in the heel because the cushioning doesn’t need to be placed in other parts of the shoe because your foot doesn’t roll inwards.

Neutral running shoes are also called Cushioned running shoes by most shoe companies and shoe stores. Because the shoes don’t need to be too stiff to support heavy inward pronation, the shoes can be designed with more cushioning and still be the same weight as other types of running shoes. The best running shoes for high arches have no need for bulky cushioning on the inner part of the shoe because there is no excessive inward rolling taking place.

Below are the best running shoes for high arches on the market right now. See our price comparison of online running shoe retailers and read our review to determine which will be the best running shoe for you.

Best Running Shoes for High Arches

1. Brooks Ghost 6

The latest edition in the Brooks Ghost series isn’t actually lighter than the previous version. But the new Ghost 6 FEELS lighter — which is just one of the things that has runners clamoring for it. Of course, popularity isn’t a new concept for the Ghost designers. The Ghost 6 is the fourth consecutive shoe in the series to win the "Editor’s Choice" award from Runner’s World. It’s a tradition based largely on the “Ghost way” of elite cushioning and comfort.

2. Asics GEL-Cumulus 15

Bringing home the Runner's World Editors Choice for Summer 2013 wasn't much of a shock for the Asics GEL-Cumulus 15, it has always been a solid neutral running shoe, but this year it even won it over it's more expensive big brother the Asics GEL-Nimbus 15.

3. Nike Flyknit Lunar1+

In a way, the Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ is all about "more." It’s more light, more comfortable, more snug and more ballyhooed than most other neutral running shoes. If you’re OK with this combination of factors, you likely will be thrilled with this cutting-edge tool for high-arched neutral runners.

4. Brooks Glycerin 11

The Brooks Glycerin shoe series for high-arched runners just keeps getting more innovative, more personalized for each user and more expensive. The Glycerin 11 isn’t one of the lightest or most flexible neutral shoes around, but it’s certainly one of the most impressive — especially for heavier runners.

5. Asics GEL-Nimbus 15

The Asics GEL-Nimbus 15 gained some weight this year with the new FluidRide midsole, but that added even more cushioning to up the comfort factor even beyond what we've been used to in the Nimbus series of neutral running shoes.

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