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Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, you likely find yourself with a running style characterized by excessive over-pronation. Over-pronation means that your foot rolls too far to the inside as you land and your stride propels you forward. Running shoes designed to work with your running style are categorized as Motion Control shoes. The best running shoes for flat feet are designed to work with your running style, not change it.

How are the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet designed?

The best running shoes for flat feet will be designed to help absorb the impact along the inside of your foot caused by over-pronation. Looking at the shoes, you can find generous amounts of foam and other composite materials along the inside of the foot starting at the heel and extending towards the midsole.

They will also be designed to support your foot and ankle with a combination of a stiff midsole and lots of cushioning. The running shoes are designed to help work with your over-pronation to help you avoid getting shin splints or other leg injuries.

Below are the best running shoes for flat feet on the market right now. See our price comparison of online running shoe retailers and read our reviews to determine which will be the best running shoe for you.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Asics Gel Evolution 5

The Asics Gel Evolution 5 are the most supportive shoes in the Asics lineup of running shoes and fall into the Motion Control category. This shoe is for runners who excessively overpronate, have low arches, and is also designed to support bigger runners who overpronate and need more support than a regular Stability shoe.

Have heard quite a few positive results from bigger runners about how the Evolution 5's were able to help control overpronation for them, when other shoes couldn't. Also, quite a few runners have reported that insoles and orthotics are able to fit in with no problem, which can be challenging with some running shoes.

2. Brooks Addiction 9

The Brooks Addiction 9 is one of the most pouplar motion control running shoes on the market to help support you low arched, overpronators out there. Even though the shoe has tons of stability and motion control features, you will find that cushioning wasn't sacrificed.

3. Brooks Beast

The Brooks Beast is the typical shoe for heavier runners who overpronate severely. Even if an overpronator, that may not be the right shoe. The Brooks Beast is a big motion control shoe, not really for slight overpronators. Standard/premium stability shoes can work just fine in many cases.

The Brooks Beast shoe has more of the high-end stuff than the Brooks Addiction. For the money, the Addiction is a good shoe, but it doesn't stack up to the Brooks Beast for heavy severe overpronators.

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  1. liz squitieri says:

    Thanks for the great information on running shoes for flat feet. However, I do wear orthotics and the soles of my shoes wear on the outside so that makes me an underpronater. So Neutral shoes would be my best bet? Also, I do a combination of run, jog, walk, so are running shoes what I should be looking at? I have had a problem with the back of my foot, when I run/jog like it feels as if its coming out of the back of the shoe. I have lifts under one orthotic because one leg is shorter than the other, this stops the hip pain I was having. Soooo, can you recommend the best shoe for me? Thanks

  2. admin says:

    The wear on your shoes does make it seem like you should get into a pair of Neutral shoes. If you are popping out of the back of your shoes, do you know if you have narrow heels? Can always try to get a narrow shoe, but I’d be careful to make sure it would still fit your orthotic. But first, before trying a narrow shoe, try this lacing trick that works for me to keep the heel locked down:
    See this page for the Neutral shoes I recommend:

  3. Alberto Ortiz says:

    Current I use the New Balance MR760s and they provide great support since I still weight over 300lbs. I had the NB for about 8 months and they have serve me well. The heel of the shoes are coming apart with holes in them. Decided to research running shoes to see which one best fit my foot. I am flat footed so I need stability and control but the outside part of my shoe get severely more wear than the inside so I overpronate severely. Looking for a shoe that helps my feet and body type. I have lost almost 60 lbs now and working on getting rid of some more.

  4. sara b says:

    I have been wearing Brooks Addiction’s for years…it was the best recommendation for shoes I ever received. Even after knee surgery last summer, hopping back in them was great! I recommend to any one giving them a try if they feel right when you put them on!

  5. Reena says:

    M very impressed with the mechanism of the footwear based on bio mechanics of foot and arches. Good work Guys!!
    can u pls tell where in pune will i get these footwear and what is the cost of it.

  6. Lora says:

    I have flat feet and have been wearing the Asics Evolution. I love the shoe, as they keep my feet stable. I tend to pronate inward somewhat. When I run I have a midfoot strike. My only complaint is that my feet get sore, and I feel that I need a shoe with more padding, but still keeping the stability. Any suggestions?

  7. Ron says:

    The treads on the medial aspects of both Asics running shoes have almost worn off and the treads on the lateral aspects of each shoe are worn just some. My arches are average & I have a heel strike. The Asics shoes have TN 710 on the underside of the show tongue & IGS on the heels but I’m not sure of their name;only that they were very popular at the time. Do you agree that I need a shoe with lots of cushion & support & one for overpronaters? Thxs for your help, Ron