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Asics GEL-Kinsei 5 Review

Asics GEL-Kinsei 5 Black/Onyx/Chili

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Shoe Type: Cushioned/Neutral Plus

Retail Price: $200.00

Asics GEL-Kinsei 5 Review

For $200, you expect impeccable technology, incredible comfort and exceptional durability. The Asics Gel-Kinsei 5 delivers, for the most part ─ but in a shoe this expensive, any question marks are alarming.

The most common complaints about this neutral shoe (for runners with high arches) include:

  • The material above the toes is flimsy and tears easily.
  • The shoe’s weight reduction hurt its functionality (it went from 11.9 ounces for men and 10.1 for women to 11.3 and 9.4, respectively.).

These problems are worth looking into, but they don’t necessarily cancel out Kinsei 5’s outstanding features and cushioning.

A heel to die for
Runners who tend to land on their heels first are especially happy with this plush tool of the road. Generously proportioned exposed gel units that reside under the heel absorb a ton of impact. Also, two layers of memory foam wrap the heel in a soft fit that molds itself to each person’s unique foot.

The new FluidRide midsole technology helped Asics cut this shoe’s weight down, in accordance with current trends in the running shoe market.

The comfort continues with a seamless upper that has received rave reviews from users. On the other hand, if the material is prone to tearing, is the upper truly effective?

Parts work well together
Everything from the midsole to the heel to the vertical flex groove to the overall gait-efficiency system works together to make the Asics Gel-Kinsei 5 a really effective high-mileage trainer. The modern yet tasteful design ─ a welcomed departure from the Kinsei 4’s overly complex look ─ is really cool, too.

But be cautious. Before spending $200 on the Gel-Kinsei 5, remember the stories of ripped toe areas and poor flexibility. If the reports of high-level heel landings and cushioning are important to you, then this absolutely is the right shoe for you.

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