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Asics Gel Evolution 5

Asics Gel Evolution 5 White/Black/Navy

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Shoe Type: Motion Control Plus

Retail Price: $120.00

Asics Gel Evolution 5 Review

The Asics Gel Evolution 5 are the most supportive shoes in the Asics lineup of running shoes and fall into the Motion Control category of running shoes. This shoe is for runners who excessively overpronate, have low arches, and is also designed to support bigger runners who overpronate and need more support than a regular Stability shoe.

What makes the Evolution 5 a great Motion Control Shoe?

If you are familiar with the design of Motion Control shoes, you understand that to counter overpronation, the excessive inward rolling of the foot, the typical Motion Control shoe will have high density foam along the inner part of the shoe, called the inside post. Having some harder, more supportive foam at that location helps to support your foot while it rolls inward. The last couple updates to the Evolution have continued to add support, and weight, to the shoe to allow it to absorb more of that excessive inward roll.

In addition to having the foam to absorb the extra motion caused by the foot rolling inward, there is also quite a bit of soft foam support around the ankle and also a foam sockliner to help lock in the ankle, completing the rest of the picture for a good Motion Control running shoe.

Here is a video review of the Asics Gel Evolution 5 from Runners World:

What are others saying about the Asics Gel Evolution 5?

Have heard quite a few positive results from bigger runners about how the Evolution 5′s were able to help control overpronation for them, when other shoes couldn’t. Also, quite a few runners have reported that insoles and orthotics are able to fit in with no problem, which can be challenging with some running shoes.

One of the common complaints is that the shoes are wearning down faster than other shoes, which seems to be most people’s opinion of Asics in general. One thing to realize that if you are a bigger runner, the foam will tend to wear out faster than a smaller runner, and also it depends on what kind of surface you run on. The softer the surface, the easier it is on your running shoes.

Also, it is typical with the Asics Gel Evolution 5 to need to order 1/2 size up of what you normally do, this also happens to be what Road Runner recommends.

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